Pies of Your Dreams: The Pies That Evoke Your Dreams Project Roundup

The Pies that Evoke Dreams Project, Rachel Medanic

A big thank you to all pie participants who wrote up, cooked up and whipped up your pies or pie-like creations and who shared your dreams for this 40th Sugar High Friday and in support of the Pies That Evoke Your Dreams Project!

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Tuttifoodie, founded by Lisa Schiffman

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Tuttifoodie, Have Fun, Do Good (and Britt's BlogHer followers), The Daring Bakers, The Domestic Goddess, Candy Recapper and The Mini Pie Revolution and all the participants who were all instrumental in helping to whisk up readers, participants and potential contributors to the event and to Pie Ranch, our beneficiary.

We had 15 participating bloggers hailing from the US, Australia, Serbia, England, and Canada. Many pies looked to the inspiration of fruit and wishes for the forthcoming season (at least here in the northern hemisphere) Spring! Another strong theme was the dedication of the pies to husbands and to grandmothers- or their memories (a very sweet sentiment I would wish on any child growing up - to have the love of a devoted grandmother).

Okay, I'll serve up the roundup already! Can someone pass me a pie wedge?!

Banana Pudding pie, Food4Laughter
Our first entry serves up a variation on the classic banana pudding/cookie combo from Astra at Food for Laughter, who continues the tradition of a grandmother's love and in honor of the way recipes span the generations in families.

Banana cream pie, PheMOMenom
Holly at PheMOMenom shares with us her Self Indulgent Banana Cream Pie. After watching The Waitress she was inspired to go outside her comfort zone and make a pie she'd never made before. Not being a baked fruit fan, she knew a cream pie was the way to go!

Love Ya Til I Die Pie, Cakelaw
Cakelaw, at Laws of the Kitchen gives us Gonna Love Ya Til I Die Pie. It combines all of her favorite sweet foods (chocolate, cheesecake, raspberry, caramel and meringue) in one big pie and evokes her dreams of everlasting happiness.

Strawberry lime tartelettes, Tartelette
Helen at Tartlette crafts up Strawberry Lime Tartelettes because they evoke her dreams of spring, fuzzy cuddles on the couch and beautiful easy going relationships...like strawberries and lime.

Lemon cream pie, Bonbini
Thip at Bonbini gives us Lemon Cream Pie inspired by her dessert experience at San Francisco’s famous Tartine plus a secret ingredient gets added as she's not really a fan of lemon: butter!

3 Layer Tartelettes, Palachinka
Marija at Palachinka gives us layers of individually frozen dark and white chocolate plus a dulce-de-leche layer to make 3 Layer Tartelettes.

Apple berry pie, Ohia
Emily at Ohia gives us An Apple Berry Pie to Get You Day-Dreaming pie in her dream to one day have a bakery of her own. In her journey she collects the secrets to a yummy crust-- her least favorite part of a pie!

Cup pie, Eggs on Sunday
Amy at Eggs on Sunday, finds herself inspired by the show Pushing Daisies and bakes to evoke dreams of colorful, crisp and comforting autumn seasons past. She seduces us with her sweet Cup Pies.

Apple custard pie, Dog Hill Kitchen
Maggie from Dog Hill Kitchen gives us a nice twist on traditional ingredients with a Dairy-Free Apple Custard Pie with Golden Syrup and Real Vanilla Bean.

Hubby Gets Well Pie, Mighty Muffin Blog
Melissa, author of Mighty Muffin Blog, takes her maiden journey into pie with Hubby-Gets-Well-Pie that incorporates chocolate and peanut butter, her dream ingredients.

ChocoIceDreamPie, Kweskin Report
Amy at The Kweskin Report fuses dark chocolate ice cream, merangues and raspberries to create ChocoIceDream Pie- perhaps more of the dream of her husband Stephen, though.

I Hate Winter Where the Hell is Spring Pie, Sweet Mary
Mary of Sweet Mary, puts in the fruits that remind her of spring to affirm her oh so in the spirit of Jenna (the waitress, from The Waitress) I Hate Winter Where the Hell is Spring Pie!

Torta Della Nonna, Cook Almost Anything
Haalo from Cook Almost Anything gives us dreams of something she was first served in Florence called Torta della Nonna (Grandmother's Pie).

George Washington Pie, Vampituity

Here at Vampituity, I chose to honor George Washington’s birthday with a pie named for one of his quotes: Let Your Heart Feel for the Afflictions and Distress of Everyone and Let Your Hand Give in Proportion to Your Purse Pie (or, George Washington Pie).

Love My Chocoholic Husband Pie, The Domestic Goddess
Jennifer of the Domestic Goddess and founder of Sugar High Friday (Happy 40th to Sugar High Friday Jennifer!) gives love, devotion and chocolate to her love with I Love My Chocoholic Husband Pie.

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More about The Pies that Evoke Dreams Project and the call for participants.
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  1. Well, the power of the internet is fast at work. The roundup has been up just about an hour and someone else following the road to Pie Ranch has some gorgeous photos I thought you should know about:

    Thanks Wu_145!

    Strawberries growing for pie at Pie Ranch:

    The chickens at Pie Ranch who give eggs for the pies:

    The Ranch's cover crop (gotta love February in northern California!): http://flickr.com/photos/wu_135/2300641951/in/photostream/

  2. Thanks for hosting SHF this month Rachel - a terrific roundup of pies.

  3. Rachel, the round-up is beautiful! Thank you so much for hosting an incredibly inspiring event...

  4. Thank you for hosting SHF this month and wht a beautiful round up! Wow!!

  5. Oh where was this post when I did my pie auction for FFA? I may have to hold on to this one for future use. :)


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