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Sugar High Friday February 2008: Pies That Evoke Your Dreams

This month's Sugar High Friday (SHF) invites bloggers worldwide to cook up a pie that evokes personal dreams! Our theme is inspired by the movie The Waitress, starring Keri Russell and Nathan Fillon in which Russell's character Jenna bakes her way to the fulfillment of her dreams.

You are invited to create a pie that embodies your dreams for the benefit of a non-profit: Pie Ranch! At the Ranch, young people from San Francisco's urban areas are learning how to grow, bake and then, through partnership with Mission Pie cafe in San Francisco, sell pies to urban dwellers. These incredible, delicious pies made largely from ingredients grown or raised on the farm (including wheat for the crust and eggs from the chickens, for example!)

Pie Ranch is a diversified small farm and an education and social change center with a mission to inspire young people to become leaders in building healthy local food systems. Far left: the street-side wall of Mission Pie, the cafe where Pie Ranch…

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