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Sleighing Christmas with a Tardis

"Santa picks our locks to get in and deliver the presents," I declared one night on our drive home. That didn't go over so well. "Well, since we don't have a chimney, he must use his magic somehow to open the locks and get through the doors."
"That's totally not possible," my daughter answered.

I let the conversation die. 

As kids get older, you have to iterate even more creatively on the details. Earlier this year she asked if "we" were Santa. I wasn't asked or I might have kept the lie going. But she asked Dad. Any other topic and I'm the brutally honest one, but Christmas, well. He told her the truth. It got me thinking. What would it take to record the sound of the Tardis, create a sound file loop and then...just as all the gifts were set---play that sucker really loud for about 30 seconds? An early Christmas morning shocker.

We acquired our plastic TARDIS (name is a registered trademark of the BBC) cookie jar a few yea…

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