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For centuries, bread has united us. And ironically, it has to be divided to be shared. There is an underwakening happening. I'm exploring the darkness alongside baked traditions.

In these cool November nights, our deepest human polarities have arrived. Our demons have come out into the light. It is a time of great sadness, darkness, shock and despair. Instead of avoiding and running away, I am symbolically moving toward the darkness. I welcomed Dia de los Muertos this year with gratitude, generosity and an open heart.

Venturing deep into Oakland's Fruitvale, I indulged for the first time ever in eating Pan due Muerto from Pena's bakery. It was lovely but it also got me thinking a lot about how bread is important in so many cultures.

In the case of Pan de Muerto, it symbolizes the remnants of our loved ones' now deceased bodies. May we not forget those who have passed away.

Pan de Muerto, Panettone's Cousin?
Pan de Muerto's ingredients bear a lot of similarities…

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