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Do the Silks Have It? Threads of the 144th Kentucky Derby

Antics and a willingness to fail--publicly, indelved in hard to wash out pixels make a great tradition. My annual Kentucky Derby tradition. They say the pixels shall inherit the earth.

This year, my ongoing investigations and choice to try to predict by jockey silk colors led me down many paths of investigation.

I saw a lot of purple, then three word names. And the number 16 kept coming up a lot (that's Magnum Moon's post position).

But one little change in one stable swapping out silks the jockey would wear, and I began to get distracted with a desire to make 2018 more adventurous.

But first, let's change the weather to suit our excitement-craved needs. It looked earlier this week like it would be done with rain by early morning but nope...

Now that it's raining, I am going to make a second set of predictions that are totally different. And for fun this year, I decided to learn to bet.

Secondly, I can't help but mix politics with horse racing. I would have loved …

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