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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Oven

December and January are citrus culmination, aided by our mild, rainbowed winters. The real
California gold emerges alongside the shorter days. Lemons have returned. The drought had slowed and nearly killed my tree, but now it's back and the uses for the fruits of its labor are far more exciting than any new technology (you'll see why below).

We skipped January lemonade and made small end-of-December batches of lemon curd instead. If I had to choose the first smell ever to be made available on the internet it would be this--lemon curd in the making.


Mesmerizing isn't it? Watch it again. No really, click play again.

After months of scheming in 2017, I finally signed up for a pastry fundamentals course and here are some of the gifts of it and this month's theme, the lovely lemon:

Episode 1:  I was coughing for two months, it's sort of continuing with our early spring. My Meyers began to really come ripe around Thanksgiving. By mid-December I was eating them straight…

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