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Dark Repose

In the moist and dark of January, I treasure walks outside in the hard rain while the sun is down. Glasses off, the sidewalk and houses around me are bundled up in fuzzy gloom. It's the wet season here. It's a time of repose in complete contrast to the sunny skies and mild temperatures we know the other 8-9 months of the year (Karl the Fog permitting, we love him).

In wet is where amazing seeds grow, stretch and await their burst of energy fueled by the sunlight. 

Every 3 weeks I hear from Farmer Thaddeus about the farm in the Capay Valley. His newsletter reveals how the bounty of the Capay Valley is doing, including the changes in the land and weather that help (or hurt) the farm's production of organic edibles that make their way out to grocery stores, farmer's markets and farm boxes across the Bay.

He contrasts the rushing water of the nearly not there streams of the dry season, to the "patient to wait to be harvested" winter vegetables. The kale will stay lo…

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