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Move ALONG Summer

Sheepishly I have to admit, I'm in a bit of seasonal hurry this year. Move along summer, there's nothing to see or do here! Move along! Ironically, here in the Bay, we're about to start our true summer now that "wintersummer" is over. September and October are our hot months. Dread. Being from the East coast, fall was always a time for cooling and my heart leans forward hoping for something unusual...something different. I don't think it's just me either. On their door yesterday, Peet's had a sign that read:  It's pumpkin season. At the end of August? I guess I'll go with it. While most religions aligned many of their holy days with those of the old Pagan times of year to gain believers (Equinox is September 21st), Retail the Great doesn't have to bow down as closely to seasons to make itself appealing. Let's get the taste of fall on our tongues.

It's been an odd summer. We had some downright Chicago-humid days in July. …

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