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Birthdays are Getting Smasual

Birthdays are getting more casual. This is my quest to also make them smart. I liked the word and am celebrating brevity.

Clean up the junk in the background for a better photo? Nah.Spin around for a more neutral, less cluttered view? Well, ok.Terminate the sequence with air emitted from mouth. Sure, birthday traditions.Perform sequence sometime within 2 weeks of one's actual birthday. Yep. 
It's the Instagram story generation. Really, the first sort of media I truly suck at--goes away after a day. Well that's a fucking relief. This sequence is my answer.

Think of all the content that's being gained... and then lost. Experiences. Digital is supposed to capture and retain our experiences. But oh, boo hoo, then we won't be able to find them come 2020 when the digital universe will reach 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes.

You know, I'm just contributing to that. That...mess in the background of some alien creature's picture that it forgot to edit our g…

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