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A Sireific Analysis: Rachel's 2019 Kentucky Derby Picks

A beautiful day, a bored kid and a sidewalk. Enter chalk. Sometimes it helps to just do the things with your kids even if you are seriously not in the mood to do so.

She's Likely in the Money Here's what is new for 2019:  I have spent a lot less time spent than I gave last year trying to look at the Derby outcome. I had to remind myself of my record (I'm a seasonal fan)

2014:  1 of 3 horses in the money
2015:  1 of 3 horses in the money
2016:  Complete fail.
2017:  3 of 3 horses in the money, wrong order
2018:  2 of 3 in the money

So I'm shifting my self-title away from "Rachel the Greek" to "She's Likely in the Money" given my record (except for 2016- all sorts of ditch went down that year!).

Sireific Analysis:  Interesting Prospects I can't get Justify's amazing 2018 Triple Crown out of my head and the collective joy it was to see him- as if a whisper of Secretariat--giant, devoring strides, super focused running style, and flaming red ches…

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