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America’s Ghostpickers, the Credit’s Only Swallowed

My first Moosewood! Yes, you read that right. It's never too late to start with a cookbook written in 1974. I had to cook for a dinner party of women- ugh!

Oh thank you, but I can't have:

Natural sugar
Balsamic vinegar (there is no vinegar in this)
Cheese, but summer goat cheese is okay, most of the time

Can you make it without molecules?

Put the Dr. McCoy voice in your head as you read:

Dammit Girls, I'm a renegade baker not a vegetarian side dish cook!
But because I am out of my "meal course" element, I followed Moosewood's directions-yup, I did. I can read...and do! Triumph. Unless, of course, I'm trying to do a Blue Apron. The thing is a favorite of my husband, I can't stand the plastic (and the complexity). And the waste management part since I'm the house trash sorting queen. Okay, family trash sorting queen.

So the sun has sailed past Solstice and into Cancer- birthday month! Lots going on in the world so I chose to …

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