Share, Make the World Go Round

“What Part of Mo’ Nature is F@#$%^&’ Pissed Don’t You Understand?”

Hurricane Katrina may be the worst domestic scene we’ve ever had, but I believe the environmental wake up call began first with the earthquake/tsunami in Indonesia in December 2004. As usual, however, these events and how the world responds requires even more attention by the average American to watch for and listen. Do we have a clue America? Discerning eyes and brains, anyone?

Take this for instance. Every day in my personal e-mail- on average, I receive no less than 3 appeals for activism and funding from environmental, humane, and social justice organizations/causes. The groups write a whole lot more than most of my existential friends do. Am I awake? Am I truly informed? Maybe. Maybe not.

A wonderful statistic recently appeared in an Open Exchange article: Wal-Mart’s initial Katrina response donation of $1million was the equivalent of someone who earns $80K annually, making a $10 donation. The article adds- the amount was quickly upped to $15million. But on the surface we don’t know that or think anything of it. We think, oh good. Good? What good?!!!

Having worked through two IPOs from the mid-90s through 2001, you have to wonder. These companies don’t give more away because they’re afraid of shareholder reverb? Stock price slide? Who are these shareholders anyway? Oh right. The capitalists. One of my old bosses used to call me a staunch capitalist in pro-environmental clothing.

Actually, it’s just that capitalism and the almighty dollar is too ingrained. There’s no eradicating it. But it can and should be hybridized. There are ways. I envision myself and my work as a conduit for money to move through me to causes I believe in. How arrogant. It’s almost messianic. Hey, that sounds like “Medanic!” I’m not as bad as I could be. At least my money is where my blog is. And so are my activism and volunteer efforts. Do I do enough? I do what I can - and sometimes more.

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