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This Intuition Goes to 11

I'm usually pretty good at resisting impulse buys but these 12" Spinal Tap Action Figures were hanging out in front of the antiques store across Piedmont Ave. from Gaylord's in Oakland. $20 each.

The lady who waited on me said her sister works for Bill Graham Presents and had gotten ahold of these limited edition guys.

We discussed their possible value and that I could even resell them on eBay myself. Out of production- surely they'd be worth something already I thought, not sure I'd want to sell or even donate them right off.

I feel like the sign close to the end of the movie, only for me it reads, "Tap into Nothing...Limited Edition Figurines Garner Just What They're Worth on eBay."

Someday, I hope the kitsch, zany cult following of this movie will reward me- or rather reward my ambitions: When I find the right non-profit silent auction close to my heart, I will donate them. After all, I'm just a conduit through which money moves!

As soon as I had these at the register, there was a minor swarm of 4 guys, hotly asking after who was buying them. Well, if I ever get desperate for a date....

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