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A Fix for Sadness

 Image:  Creative Commons license 2.0. Photo by knackeredhack.

I came up with something simple and brilliant that fit the occasion here of not having posted in so long! Perhaps it will be a salve for those of us who are blessed with living well from the fruits of the earth and the labors of the people both here and abroad. 2017 will be a year to keep fighting for what's right and makes America beautiful.

But here's what I told my daughter:  When you are feeling sad, there is but one thing you can do.

Check the avocados!

  • And don't forget, if you buy them in those plastics or string mesh bags, be sure to cut up the bag into very small pieces so that once in the waste stream, they don't end up around the necks or in the guts of sea or bird life.
Wait, so hold the banana phone! As I was writing, I thought I would confirm the plural spelling of avocados. Yes, I was adding an "e." For shame, I should go to the Majors Related to English Dungeon for even having had to check. But hey, check I did and lo and behold, it would be a crime if I didn't embed this lovely piece of history from this past weekend's Super Bowl. I didn't watch it but I have had avocado in the past 24 hours.

This is also a lovely piece on the history of this amazing fruit, from the Atlantic.

I just have to ask:   what might happen if a wall gets built? I'll leave that task to the cartoonists.

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