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Sweet HEAT: Hot and Spicy Desserts

Burn after eating? Sugar and spice and everything nice? Sweet, hot... and spicy? Flambé?

I'm all fired up to host this month's Sugar High Friday dessert blogging event:  Sweet HEAT.

Share your dessert and its story as you interpret the theme.

Sugar High Friday was created by Jennifer Hamilton of the Domestic Goddess

Need ideas?
  •  Heat could be the way you make the dessert, it doesn't necessarily have to be part of the flavor. Literalists however, need not apply:  I would guess something like hot apple pie won't win you any fans.
  •  Popular Plates Magazine had an end of June issue devoted to fiery foods. The issue had this article on the origins of chili peppers. The dessert section of the issue had recipes for Strawberries with Tex-Mex Tequila and Black Pepper, Chile-Chocolate Pretzels, Peanut-Chile Cheesecake, Habanero Mango-Walnut Cookies and more. Just some concepts...

  • Maybe the heat is part of your story about the dessert. Is there a dessert that means "romantic evening" for both you and your sweetheart, or perhaps a dish you recall sparked a huge fight some years back? Entertain us and demonstrate your interpretive creativity.
How to Participate:
-  Your blog post needs to publish by September 26, 2011. Once that's done, please send an email to:  rachel{at}vampituity{dot}com and make the subject line:  "SHF Sweet Heat." . I won't know you've posted until you send that email. Here's the information I'll need from you:

-- The permalink for your post
-- The name of  your blog and its main URL
-- A brief summary of your submission (3 sentences).
-- Your country of residence
-- A 100x100 pixel image of your dessert
-- If you don't have a blog but would like to participate, feel free to post your contribution in the comments to this post.
--Please submit your entry no later than September 26th to be included in the roundup at the end of the month.

Enjoy and...beware the stinging juices of the capsicums (if you're looking to peppers for your heat). 

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