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The Guy (Husband?) Whisperer, Part II

Guys who don't always require words are a special thing. Sometimes you meet someone who is just SO on the same page as you, despite the wiring problems, that you don’t even have to use words. Just glances and a little body language here or there. If you like this “chemistry” and have ever had it with anyone, you likely know what I mean.
I have to honor the truth here: getting married to someone you love only intensifies this “without words” phenomenon. You get really tuned in to someone, and it’s a whole level of unspoken intimacy. The “without words” part is key because most of our new-fangled (and ancient) forms of communication still always boil down to words, and they often fall short for me in terms of really conveying what’s going through my mind.
On the other hand, no pun intended, one of my latest “without words” synergies has also been with my husband (they say married people grow more and more alike as the years go on). We trade off whose night it is to attend to our baby who wakes up 1-3 times a night in need of her pacifier. The one non-assigned night is Saturday, which we resolve with a fast game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. On the first throw, we ALWAYS both come out with the same item (a fist for rock, two fingers for scissors or a flat hand, for paper). Now that’s synergy!

For all my single gal friends out there, I can only wish a “guy without words” on you. And I don’t mean the Neanderthal guy, the emotionally crippled thug who isn't capable of more emotions than he has fingers on one hand, either.

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