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Scenes of the Guy Whispering

I had a wonderful moment the other day. A friend of ours was over and trying to decide whether or not to accept or decline my husband’s offer for a glass of wine and some social time with "just the guys." I was heading out and promised that it would be fun without me around. I also commented that he had all the body language (hesitation to leave) of someone who really wanted to stay.

Our other friend, who was also present said to me, “Wow, you’re like…the guy whisperer.” My response was that after all these years, I am beginning to finally understand how men are wired—I’m not any less angered by it, but I’m beginning to understand. “At least that's a beginning,” he said. “Yes, and maybe my husband will live to see the end of it. When I finally do really understand men and am not angered by the way they are wired, I expect to be very old."

In the vein of being potentially on the same page as a true guy whisperer: sometimes I'm really just a legend in my own (and perhaps occasionally in our other friend above's) mind.

We were at a friends’ house for dinner one night and a comment over a farm box ear of corn resulted in a silly moment I will not likely live down in the next two years. The father of the family was cooking and we were chatting in the kitchen as he cooked. He asked, “Where do you get your corn?” I somehow heard the comment as, “Where do you get your porn?” and was stumbling through some kind of response to try to mitigate the awkwardness of the moment. In any case, we’ve all had moments like this so--enjoy at my expense!

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