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Your Kitchen Calls for Childhood Delights

Just a reminder to readers that this Friday, January 30th (corrected!) is Sugar High Friday. Participating posts must be live by Monday Jan. 26th! Thanks Arika for the correction!
Whether you are in the throes of sub-zero temperatures, in your tropical rainy season, living in the supernatural warmth, or just having a normal old January (thaw? for those of you in the northern-hemisphere)- I want to encourage you to dive deep to your childhood memories of recipes for something sweet.
If you're in the southern hemisphere, wow us with stories- maybe they're related to the current season (they don't have to be)? Hearing about hot January summer pleasures might be just what we need to get us a bit out of our uh...elements...up here! :)
Your stories don't have to be happy ones either-a good story (whether happy or sad) is always what the blogosphere wants; no happy endings are necessary though that you got to enjoy your sweet treat is probably the common thread you'll share with the other bloggers participating. If you remember it from childhood and it was an anticipated treat that's sweet- it's a candidate for Sugar High Friday!
To learn more about participating and the deadline (your post must be live by January 23rd-and you must notify me so I can include you in the roundup rachel [at] click here.

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