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Sugar High Friday: Childhood Delights

As a child, I remember a few "childhood delights" in the dessert realm. They were much anticipated events that were all-consuming to my child mind and filled me with wonder and excitement. This month's Sugar High Friday is about your childhood delights (in the realm involving sugar). I'm delighted to host the ongoing event this month which began over 3 years ago by Jennifer Hamilton who writes The Domestic Goddess.
Before I was born, my Mom used to throw children's parties and I recall some birthdays with things like a circus cake, an undersea cake (with little submarine candles) as well as other things like seasonal desserts (Mom's lemon pie with strawberries in Spring or Rice Crispy treats at Christmas) and traditional ones around holidays.

This is a call out to all bloggers to share your stories (and re-creations) of your childhood delights. What thrilled you as a child or even a young teen--and why? Were they holiday favorites? Pure, mindless tradition? Or perhaps comfort foods that only came on special unscheduled occasions? Were they steeped in ritual and how have you carried them forward into your adult life? Is there an instance where perhaps your loved one is deceased and you have tried and tried to get a family recipe right, only to find your relative never really did write the recipe down exactly because it was all in his or her head?
To inspire you, I sourced a few childhood delights from my pals in the photos for this post (above and below). For the photo below my pal writes, "Dad would do a buche de noel with his French classes each year, and all the kids made marzipan things to help decorate them." For an event recently, she created these marzipan piggies- some with shoats nursing on a mother sow.
Photo used by permission of Ruth Temple under the Creative Commons 2.5 license.

How to Participate:

1. January 2009's Sugar High Friday will be January 30th. The deadline for your posts to be live to be included in the event is Monday January 26, 2009.
2. To be included in the round-up, please send an email with the subject line "SHF January" to me at rachel[at], along with a 100 x 100 pixel .jpg image of your entry. Please give the entry the same name as your blog entry or recipe title. Your email should also include the following 5 items (a-e):
a. Your name
b. The permalink for your blog post
c. The name of and main link for your blog
d. A 3 sentence or less summary of your entry
e. Your country of residence
3. If you do not have a blog but want to participate, please post your recipe in the comments section of this post.
4. And finally- please do send an email to let me know where and when your entries are up, I won't be able to proactively search on tags to find your entry (plus, I also need your entry photo).
Don't be shy! Tell us what sweet memories can you revive to take us back to the time of your baby teeth? Happy Reminiscing & Recreating!

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