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Surreal Glass in San Francisco

This is the best of my adventure (sans camera- all I had was my cell phone) to the de Young Museum in San Francisco to enjoy the Dale Chihuly exhibit. If you haven't seen it yet, the exhibit runs through September 28th.

What struck me most was this display didn't begin to convey what Chihuly is known for- which is his performance art. His past history included, for example, floating his glass globes downstream.

"Reeds," at left ended up being my favorite because I loved the sense of peace I got staring at the birch logs and the purple reeds that seemed to be growing out of them.

His stunning work does an amazing job of marrying art and nature. We need more artists doing this kind of work that leads the observer, through beauty and color, to experience the connectedness between that which is created by humans and that which is created by Mother Nature. Hell, we need pastry chefs that do this!

A really FANTASTIC set of photos can be found from Chris Heuer here on his Flickr site.

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