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Life, Straight Up in About 4 Leaps & Bounds

Today's stormy, windy weather has made somebody frisky! Pasha went straight up a tree in the yard in pursuit of my red finches and white-capped chickadees- only to find she wanted Mommy's help in getting down once there. How nice of her to leave me a few seconds to run for the camera...

I suppose I ought to send this photo to Purina- their OM Weight loss product, combined with my move to a place with a yard, have slimmed her down about 4 pounds so she can do this "athletikitty" kind of stuff again.

"Everything I needed to know about life I learned from my cat."
"Don't bite off more than you can chew."
"Keep your claw clipping off my paws!" (her claws get so long she hooks on the rug sometimes while walking but she went right up this tree no sweat).
"Good things come to those who wait [to be helped out of the tree]."
"My pet helps Oakland's First Responders, she climbs small trees!" [no fire department ladders need apply]

Not sure which metaphor or bumper sticker slogan is best rewritten for this.

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