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iArtist Recognition? iCultural Transition

Yep. I got one for the holidays and it is remarkable. My old, familiar world of knowing a CD by sight and associating #4 #11 with it as a bellydancer--that old "Oh my god, you have to hear #6, it's incredible" is gone. My world is rocked.

LOOK at all these middle eastern artists; I know the exact artist when I'm listening and don't have to resort to pitiful descriptions like "that one with tabla and a jazzy backbeat paired with violin" to describe songs. I have to say it's changed my life and strengthend my love for my two great Arabic singers: Khaled and Amr Diab.

Khaled I saw this past summer debuting songs from his new album with Carlos Santana. And as for the women (thank goddess there are two) Amina and Natcha Atlas are favorites...

So, is Steve Jobs' product further adolescentizing our country with this device and its exhorbitantly priced accessories- they grabbed us by the genitals on that when the design team met to sketch out this thing- how simple, what unfriendly user software. I guess I can't fall to my knees about this device, like Mark Morford has...after all the ONE personal digital assistant I've wanted since 1999 has never come out- when will they make a phone and PDA that truly assists with any woman's need? WHEN!!?? But even he has a feature list!

They've created this monster. I guess all they can do is laugh all the way to the bank on their accessory checks. But artists, I hope, are happier to. Now we know what those fab songs are- and all we bellydancers, past and present, need lessons to be able to pronounce the names!

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