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Definitions of Vehicular Adornment

Talking to my aunt today and she confessed to not sharing with me some years ago that when she sees the logo for my business, Vampituity, she thinks of this image more commonly found on trucks that drive across country- often on their mud flaps or back windows in silver.

The difference is well, probably a D cup to a B cup- but it made me smile (she was worried I'd be insulted). If we cannot laugh at ourselves and the things we create, we're nothing. Glad to say however, that my business has nothing to do with this particularly mysterious image-- perhaps if I knew better what to call it the Internet would offer a bit more information.

What I will tell you is that when I was working with my designer to create the Vampituity logo, I'd originally conceived that the woman be holding a theater mask in one hand, and a platter of fruit in the other- in other words that she, the woman is a marriage of the creative and prosperity. When used properly, creative can help your business- get clients, attract an audience, etc. But the initial designs were too complex. The theater mask worked but the platter of fruit looked like a head of lettuce to people I shared the image with so...we simplified.

All the various images we see on cars are somewhat of a mystery aren't they? A test for which counter and subcultures we are each a part of or in the know about. The fire colored or ice colored smiling head with theeth- what is that? Somehow, it seems tied to the sports community. The fascination with the expression of ethnic solidarity by the letters of countries, or cities in a circle (to show where you live, where you were born, where you park your car and are thus filled with pride about). Someone needs to write a book about the evolution of these symbols that we adorn our cars with.

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