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The Professional Side of My Digital Story

Vampituity, a Perspective on Our World is a personal blog connected to me, Rachel Medanic. For the "career" part of my life, I am a marketer who has been working online for many years. In May 2013, I started my own consulting firm called Communituity.

Whether you're talking about vampituity or communituity, either word is a portmanteau. Vamp + perpetuity, or community + perpetuity. Because community in perpetuity is what is already transforming the world of business.

As a consultant, I work in the areas of online community management and strategy, content marketing, and social media. All the juicy sociological stuff that goes with these areas of specialty are my passions.

A subset of my professional writing samples can be found in my LinkedIn profile.

My Twitter account blends my interest in community and content a few of the topics you'll find here.

My photography can be found on Flickr and I also supply some of my images to Pinterest.

I also tumbl infrequently at Vampitumblr and I am slowly warming up to the "nearly mobile only" world of Instagram.

Communituity also has its own Facebook page.


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