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Woman Card photo by Rachel Medanic

Around the world today we are celebrating women and raising our voices and our hope for a better world. This is one of the Woman Cards we purchased last year here above. Image filter by Pixma.

Traditional and historic roles of women as caregivers for children and as leads for raising families is changing. Here in Oakland, I see a lot of Dads pushing strollers or with babies strapped to their chests. It's almost as awesome as watching any man clean. Oh shit, did I type that? According to the Pew Research Center, in 46% of U.S. households, both parents work full-time.

I experienced this incredible piece of Hipster art while attending a local Groupmuse house concert last month. It's a little bit of a different spin on lean in, don't you think?

We are greater than fear and we can keep our eyes and our voices on the end game amid myriad distractions. This poster was one of my favorites.

I attended the Women's March on Washington D.C. - flying from California to go. I was the only person I could find who approached the event as a blank slate, inviting others to shar (write on my back) the songs of why they marched.

Photo by Amy Stern

Good old Eleanor Roosevelt. What would she be saying now? WWER (What would Eleanor Roosevelt) do?

Back home my friends and family were having the same peaceful experience. I think the derision I hear from people being interviewed who think protesting is/was stupid makes me the most sad. What's happened is not a partisan issue, though it may seem that way (the electoral college went one way and the popular vote went the other). This administration is a threat to our nation's founding principles- principles that apply regardless of party, religion, race or gender.

For those of you who also have something visual to create and share, Yes Magazine is asking readers to share what a modern day Rosie the Riveter would look like.

For now, I am privileged and thankful to have been able to take part of today off. I'm going to settle in with a glass of

 and work on my next acts of patriotism. There is much work to be done.

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