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Who Were Your Early Women Investors?

Blood Moon by Nicole Gervacio

The women who filled my earlier this week for International Women's Day were friends I consider to be "early investors in me." Friendships are an investment. Two people elect to spend time together to lift each other up, egg the other on and compliment--hopefully. The women I connected with earlier this week have all known me for years in different chapters of my life. Most of all, I deeply admire them for their chosen paths in the fine arts, engineering and public relations.

As I think back on my early investors, I can list many interesting people. A smattering of their identities may help get you thinking about your own early investors. Never. Forget. Your. Origins.
  • A trustee, now deceased, of Boston University
  • An acclaimed psychic and teacher
  • An internationally known choreographer, producer and belly dancer
  • A residence director at the University of Massachusetts 
One of these early investors is pictured here. I doubt she wants to be specifically identified here in the land of Lollypop Pixels [think, no sing... Lollypop Guild from the Wizard of Oz]. Hey, it is the internet.

Here are some portraits of the women who impacted my world this week:

A dear friend who I knew well in college who has started her journey on Twitter (extremely outside her profession as an engineer). I admire her getting started in something so...well, "marketingy." All this time...okay maybe a month or so, she's likely been sleuthing me on Twitter. That's @vampituity for those of you still entertaining yourselves and sleuthing here.

Welcome to Twitter, J! Thanks for the love and the music.

I also chatted with a dear friend who knew me back at the turn of the century. That's right, 1999-2001! Eeep. During our conversation she made a gorgeous comment to me that I'll paraphrase:

'I wanted to talk because I suspected we were in a similar place in our lives. If you're creative and were doing things like driving around in my car singing "Rock the Boat" [with me] at the top of your lungs [what we sometimes did with our lunches back when we worked together], it's pretty clear that a regular job, at some point in the career, is probably not going to work.'

I just can't find a good image for that tidbit. We had fun though, didn't we?

And finally, the artist of this lovely blood moon drawing from...2014? I'll name and declare my love for the art of Nicole Gervacio here. She's on the move as an artist and a dancer--making positive change in our world.

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