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A Sense of Place

Recommended listening for this post, Pink Martini's City of Night (click over, hit play, minimize the visual and pop back over here).

Boston Skyline by Rachel Medanic

Do you get your identity at all from place? Somewhere you live? Somewhere you like to be? Somewhere you are called back to time and time again? I believe cats do. Their identities extend to their surroundings and the objects within the place they call "home." For cats, scent of themselves is ownership.

We humans aren't exempt, but we are more visual in how we resonate with place.

From age 9 on, I began seeing and identifying with Boston. I sometimes call it home in those infrequent Freudian moments. It isn't home, but it is "origin," core, and where I began.

How many cities you love have "a John building" on their skylines anyway? (a nickname I gave it as a child).

San Francisco Skyline 2005 by Rachel Medanic

I fell in love in 1995 and then fled to San Francisco 6 months later. I've never looked back. When I feel sad, I look across the Bay to see her ever-changing skyline. Should you be careful, dear San Francisco, about just how much work you have been getting done in the past 5 years?

Oakland Skyline 2014 by Rachel Medanic

It's my 15th anniversary with you, my Dear Oakland. It's been an interesting ride but you never stop giving. 37.8044° N, 122.2708° W. You rock my world. You are my rock. You are my world.

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