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Ada Lovelace Pi(e)

Ada Lovelace Cranapple Pi, Rachel Medanic

The relationship between math and pi is inevitable. But no, it's not Pi Day, all bathed in natal March Madness (Note Pi fans:  2015 will indeed be special!). Instead, we are a few days shy of 2014's Ada Lovelace Day which celebrates women in science, math, engineering and technology.
 Ada Lovelace Image by Susan Congdon
I am using this week's past Ada Lovelace Day to take a culinary adventure on behalf of charity. California Revels is having a Pie Supper tonight to set the mood for its 29th Christmas Revels:  An American Journey.

So I've put pi together with pie and Ada Lovelace. Ada Lovelace was a mathematician who anticipated the development of computer software, artificial intelligence and computer music. She was born to Lady Ada Lovelace and the poet, Lord Byron. She was also known as the "enchantress of numbers." More here.

Like most things culinary, I am baking without rehearsal and I am in fear of...the double crust. A pie with a lacy or even numerical design on top seems in order. Most importantly, my pie needs to have story worthy of art and food lovers.

I love this image and this quote but I must rewrite it in honor of the challenges I anticipate for this occasion:

"Though I see nothing but vague, cloudy uncertainty in the journey to make a lovely double crust, I fancy I discern a fun story to tell to use my craft to remember and honor the women who have impacted our technical professions. This makes me care much less about the trepidation I have in making a top pie crust worthy of Ms. Lovelace herself."

Some hours later...

I must declare victory:  double crust averted!! The cranberry apple recipe for this pie came from the New American Plate cookbook.  Here's to you Ada, may your pie (and its decorative box) be a worthy piece of art appreciated by a community! The pie is too big for the box--I guess that's what it means to be bursting with creativity:

Want more Ada Lovelace?
Here is a link to a cut out paper doll Ada (complete with two outfits) you can play with.

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Eat dessert first and remember to be pi-ous!

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