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For the Love of Horses

For years, I looked to horses to nourish me. I never had the privilege of owning one, but a love of equines came down strong from my mother's family. We were all horse crazy. We still are. One of my distant cousins used to run a racehorse insurance business and his company held the policy on Secretariat--Goddess rest his inspiring and amazing soul!  This is my great grandfather and his (astonishingly) gorgeous horse. I'm pretty sure I've run the image before here but it's worth reviving and hey, it is Throwback Thursday #tbt.

I love the company of horses--their near total lack of words and reliance almost entirely on body language. They are physical creatures and companions that have always complimented my spirit:  quiet at times and at other times wild, unpredictable, instinct-driven. They are raw beauty, power and wildness that you can befriend. There aren't many things in today's world you can say that about.

As a first post in this month's National Blog Post Month challenge, a daily commitment is very new territory for me. I'm experimenting to see how far I will get and what the results will be for my innards. My writerish innards, I mean. What does it take to summon your inner artist (drama queen?) back out onto the stage? Dormancy is safe but without risk, nothing gets accomplished--literally.

I'm not done with my exploration of horses as the great spiritual nourishers. Stay tuned for my Kentucky Derby picks. Also, if you like what you've read, give me a social "something" to let me know to keep going. Share, Like, Tweet, + the things you like.

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Open invite to place your guess on how many days I keep posting for! I'm also badging this and every post I make for the month:
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