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Directions Are Boring

20th Century Depiction of Paul Revere's Ride, Wikipedia

In my usual fashion I didn't RTFM (Read the Fu%^&*^ Manual). In this case I neglected, literally, to click through to glance at some of the writing prompts for NaBloPoMo. To suit the theme of "what nourishes you," they're all about food. It does say you can bring to the theme what you like. I still feel like I am galloping sideways.

Let's face it, directions are boring. And honestly,  there is a kind of nourishment I get from being a maverick. I've never been terribly good at following what everyone else is doing. In the right settings, I do love to shock people. That's the yum of rocking the boat. Upsetting the apple cart. Mischief. Renegade. The Wild West.

Ironically, that's the way I have approached my food posts here. I always improvise my own twist right out of the gate-even if that trashes the whole dessert. It really is very vampituity.

To follow on the idea of galloping away, Wicked Strong the horse named for the Boston Marathon tragedies and this year's Kentucky Derby, I summon Paul Revere to write beside me this month.

Always be clear about the signals you get in life: one if by web page, two if by Tweet.

NaBloPoMo May 2014

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