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Bandwagon Music

This photo is close to 100 years old. I thought it was so cool. That big, square cart being pulled by the team just looks like the kind of wagon I'd be falling off of. There's no place to sit and it looks like it's November and cold. Maybe that mud is even frozen. 

Have you ever left someone in the mud? I mean just...abandoned them? Well, I have. I did. Earlier this week. I Facebook prodded my pal Stacey to join me for NaBloPoMo and two days later, I didn't get my daily contribution together (it then continued for the better part of this week). 

I feel bad. I fell off the wagon and frankly, I can't hold it back anymore:  Daily blogging is not something I want to put my personal networks through. Those poor people just...know me through various roles I play in my life, they don't want me in their Facebook feed every day. I know, I know...only 10% of them actually see it anyway. But it's the same concept as this:  if a child drops a wrapper in an abandoned park is she actually littering? How cruel of me to analogize Facebook to an abandoned park. Delicious, nourishing schadenfreude. 277 friends later--and dropping. Psst, it's alright! Too many lurkers anyway.

I just can't do it. I can't blog daily. It's not the band wagon for me. By the way, is there a band on a bandwagon? 
Wikipedia, I just love you so much. Yes there is! Look at those woodwork figures. Lovely, lovely handiwork! Here's what the great W has to say about bandwagons. But while we're on music, I have to recall that music and dance are topics I'd intended to cover this month. 

Here, let me slip into something a little bit more comfortable. Sound. Beat. Rhythm. Deep thrum that jiggles your organs because of the volume. Cue the Rihanna in your brains kids. Please don't stop the music. Her song could actually be about blogging! Who knew, right? Take a look, read with me. Imagine:

It's getting late
I'm making my way over to my favorite place
(here? yah..ummmm)
I gotta get my body moving
Shake the stress away
I wasn't looking for nobody when you looked
(clicked) my way
Possible candidate, yeah...
Please don't stop the music.
Please don't stop the music.

Damn, are you still here? You like the song? I do too and I'm not a huge fan of hers. But music nourishes and I need to remember that for the rest of this month. No, I can't blog daily but there is more to say. Sing it lady:

Do you know what you started?
I just came here to party
But now we're rocking on the dance floor, actin' naughty
Your hands around my waist
Just let the music play
We're hand in hand, chest to chest and now we're face to face

We certainly are! Thanks for reading. Share a hot tune with me, eh? It takes two to Tango in a blog post. I'll give. You take. Let's try that for awhile. Ciao.

NaBloPoMo May 2014
Black and white image courtesy of Teo Gonzaga used under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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