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East Bay Fall Portraits 2013

Equinox raced past me this year before I could get a word in edgewise. It occurred to me that maybe I wasn't supposed to, so I'll quickly share what's better:  pictures I took that seemed worth sharing.

A poke at Foodie dessert culture. My daughter made organic Sandbox Upside Down Woodchip Cake with CVS Airplane Receipt Frosting.
Sand Infused Woodchip Upside Down Cake with Paper Airplane Frosting

This shot shows the actual, "sand dust" raining down onto the cake. Amazing taste! We paired it with Greywater Bathwater Hazelnut Lattes that she made earlier in the tub. Mmm, that's California nutrition. Deeelicious! Of course we didn't.

However, I did just happen upon this great story about a micro-brewer that has included lunar meteorite pieces in its beer to honor the Equinox for Oktoberfest. Holds on par with my daughter's cake. Wish we could pair them.

In the Bay Area, September and October are our high summer. Typically at this time of year, we don't get fog (my queue to exit while the tourists enter). But alas, with climate change, nothing is consistent so we have been getting some of these magical "fogsets" over the Bay. Also, our weather has a name (and a Twitter identity). We call Bay Area fog Karl. @KarltheFog.

Here's one I took yesterday. Downtown Oakland is in the foreground, San Francisco in the background:
Oakland, San Francisco Sunset viewed from Oakland, CA

For the first time ever this year, I did some canning. A lot of work but very gratifying use of what nature has to offer. My oldest friend who lives here locally and I made 4 different recipes of raspberry, peach, fig and apple preserves or butter. A lot of rewarding hard work. Contemplating turning it into a seasonal popup biz. Oh the B2C fun I could have (sorry, I went all "shop talk" on you there!).

The peach raspberry jam was my favorite!
Peach raspberry jam by Claire and Rachel

Canning in process

Hardest of all this year (summer actually), I had to say goodbye to my dear Pasha after 16 years.
I find myself missing her more now in the Fall as the season is changing the natural world around me. Her friendship was the backdrop of another era in my life and that chapter has finally had to conclude. Rest in peace dear kitty.

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