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Rainbarreling World Water Day

Rainbarrel City of Oakland Rain Barrel Program, California
Monkeys in Design
It's World Water Day and there is a fierce viscosity of my daughter's favorite CD running through my head! It's a  song called H2O by Moona Luna. It's part of a CD called Science Fair that is an amazing collection of hip, educational, science-related songs.

Thanks to the City of Oakland's Rain Barrel program, we got in on a fabulous thing last year and the rain barrel went in earlier this year. We're in the process of adding monkeys holding umbrellas to make it a little less ugly and match the whimsy of the child gate at the top of our stairs. I'll add a photo when it's done.

I can't think of a better way to celebrate World Water Day 2013! We reduced our consumption by upgrading toilet seals, installing a drip system for our yard and replacing all our grass with dymondia. Clothes washer and dryer, y'all are next, budget permitting.

Rainbarrel City of Oakland Rain Barrel Program, California
Finished Rainbarrel of Monkeys

Here is a great web site from Wholly H2O of resources and information about harvesting rainwater and other water solutions.

Here are some amazing things happening back there:

Orange Blossom and Fruit Oakland, CA
Fruiting & flowering oranges

The orange tree is covered in these amazing blossoms and they smell like gardenias (and Hawaii!).

A sea of Meyer lemons!

We've been making juice and lemonade like crazy! Here is some infused with some Capay Valley blood oranges in our Jeremy glass:
Blood orange lemonade, the Fruitvale, Oakland, CA

Happy nectarine doing the spring dance:

Nectarine Blossoms, Oakland, CA

Here is a parting image in honor of World Water Day 2013:  girls at sunset by Lake Temescal in Oakland.

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