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One Woman, One Girl

It brings back images of the the scene played from the files in the R2 droid, doesn't it? You're our only hope, Obi Wan. But I think the days of that are over, so it's refreshing to see her with her blaster in hand (Rosie style) rather than making helpless gestures in hopes of finding the Jedi Master. I don't know if you remember, but I do:  waiting in the long lines to see Star Wars when it first came out in 1977. And then the number of times I watched it--over and over again. I don't think there is another movie I've ever watched more times.

As I ponder International Women's Day and how to celebrate it on this blog, I keep coming back to one person. She's a "woman-on-the-make" whose life I am entangled in, whether she likes it or not. My daughter who is chronicled throughout is the woman I celebrate this year. She's not yet a woman and that doesn't matter. She's female and that's what counts.

A little girl and her kitty

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