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Releasing 2012: Happy Halloween

Red Desert Dance Company Ghosts
Red Desert Dance Company's Ghouls Night Out October performance!

Have you ever released something? The universe dropped me a "polite memo" about it earlier this year. You gotta watch out for those polite memos!

As in some years past, I've pulled together a collection of Halloween images or experiences to get you groove on. But first, the story of this plant! Whohoo:

I've had this plant for several years and finally one day I re-potted it. I wasn't healthy for a long time and I took a moment to really look at it. I saw that it needed more space to breathe in the soil of its pot.

When I removed the pot, I could also see its incredibly beautiful root structures underneath. It had outgrown its space. Within about a week of the transfer, I had a totally different plant that was clearly thanking me for the release and had several new babies coming from it.

That's the Samhain meditation this year:  release and transformation.

Want more? Here are the ghosts of Halloween past:

An Irish Samhain
If Pumpkins Were Wishes
Persimmon Pumpkin and Ancestral Nods
Ultimate Macintoshes

Portraits from the East Bay and Peninsula

The Avenue:  The Scariest Bar in Oakland.
Inside is the most disturbing WOW you'll find in the East Bay!

Bittersweet Cafe, Oakland
Someone captured the Tea Party in true form.

Stephanie, Queen of Poi

Phira, Artistic Director of Black Fire Fusions

Every 4 years we get to merge politics with Halloween.
If you aren't scared, you aren't paying attention.

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