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Most Expensive Colbert Report Tickets Ever

Last month, we went to New York to see a taping of the The Colbert Report in person. After watching my husband turn green as I drove our bid higher and higher (because I had to have this), we finally won our seats at the Colbert Report for $3500. Well, most people just stand in line in New York and go for free if they time it right. We live on the West coast- there'll be none of that! I don't often want things that badly but this was the exception. Can you blame me?

This picture of Colbert on horseback hangs in the kitchen- which is filled with junk food by the way. Is that what comedy teams thrive on? I had no idea there was that much reality to 30Rock...but what do I know?

We got lots of Colbert Report tchotchkes and the VIP treatment--we sat back stage where US Presidents and celebrities had sat, feasted on fruit and I grilled poor co-executive producer Rich Baum about the show and the comedy business.

The entire trip was a short Mommy/Daddy holiday for us to see the Colbert Report live and take a short bite of the Big Apple!

Our Colbert tickets not the first crazy thing I've done for charity but it is (now) the most expensive thing I've ever done. What do you do for charity that's kind of over the top?

Here is a little diddy I hadn't seen from Stephen about horses and dressage (it's an oldie but a good one about the whole Romney affair). Shall we call it Romneygait?  ;) 
We didn't get to meet Stephen in person because he was out filming Better Know a District--but they are looking for legislators to participate. He did leave us a signed copy, however, of I am a Pole and So Can You. Our daughter loves that book!

Here's how to ask your legislative leader to come on the Colbert Report.

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