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Workday Meditations, Exhibit A

I've often wondered how many people consciously invoke the Serendipity Goddess in their workday. I would imagine in some professions, the prayers are fast and furious...but I don't know. Even in my field, marketing, Serendipity is high on my list. The days she touches my work life are always much better:  a zing of excitement that you're onto something, that things are coming together and making sense. Things are happening exactly when and how they should (according to plans you didn't make).

This is one of a 4-glass Beatles collection (a birthday splurge). that have Beatles song lyrics from various albums for almost any work/life situation. That's why music is the essence of life.

Something (anything!!) would you please come together? And look...up in the corner, it's "Apple." ;)

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