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Bacon Strawberry Rhubarb, With Love

Bacon Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler, Mother's Day
I grew up in the 1970s where at the time the going culture was to add "in bed" to the end of every sentence. It was a junior high thing that lasted far too long (sadly, well into high school). It seems now that my generation has grown into adding "with bacon" to the end of every sentence.

So I took that sentiment and added it to this strawberry rhubarb cobbler recipe in honor of Mother's Day. Pulling out the long, red stalks I wondered if I'd be able to make anything tasty out of this weird fregetable (fruit+vegetable). Rhubarb is...a cranberry dressed up in celery clothing. My Mom loves strawberry rhubarb pie, so I went for the cobbler. Mom is across the country but, you know, it's the thought (attempt) that counts. And that way no harm done if it was a total flop, right? Can't taste it 3K miles away, can ya?

My first attempt at the bacon twist was to adapt just the garnishes from this Simply Recipes submission from "Elise." I added apple-smoked bacon bits and sour cream to the outside. My Honey said, "Yum but...." That was my cue to go again and I realized changing just the garnishes was yin, feminine, subtle, a demonstration of soft-power. Mother's Day-like.

So I punched it up for all the Fathers out there--here's to Father's Day:  Comfort food that knows how to wield its bacon! Yang. Hard power. Testosterone. Bacon dancing its salty smoked goodness cheek-to-cheek with the tart strawberry and rhubarb.

Here's what I changed from the original:
  • Reduce the butter in the cobbler part by half and replace with warm bacon fat.
  • Added bacon bits into the actual fruit mixture
  • Instead of whipped cream, I topped with sour cream

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