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Sensations of Spring


This is a gratitude post and a wish for you to have a Happy Equinox and a Happy Nowruz! These guys were jamming it up in one of the many booths selling props, costumes, instruments, bling and dancer decor at Rakkasah West this weekend. I only wish I could pull these guys out of a closet to play ANY time I need a lift. Anger and sadness don't have a chance in the midst of live, passionate, talented rhythm!

Shame on me for being shy, not asking their names or permission to film. I'll do better next year. It's a bunch of fabulous tabla players and an oud master. Thank you Gentleman for lifting my heart!

A few other "spring" portraits for your ogling pleasure:

A grilled mac and cheese sandwich from the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in San Francisco

Nectarine blossoms and raindrops in our back yard

Nectarine Blossoms, San Francisco Bay Area
Grilled cheese mac and cheese, American Grilled Cheese Kitchen San Francisco

A housewarming/spring Peeps wreath I made for my pal Amy.

Peeps Easter Wreath
A Nowruz-Ostara recipe I  made last year but that I didn't share in this blog. I blended Pagan equinox tradition of eggs with Nowruz tradition and ingredients (rosewater and the hyacinth blossom in the middle). It was pretty so I had to share. I am pretty sure it was yummy. Let me know if you want me to try to dig up the recipe I tweaked. 

Apple pie with hyacinth for Norwuz and Ostara

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