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A Season for Dark (Black) Humor

We were traveling in Dublin this Halloween this year. But not being home for my favorite holiday has left me feeling unfulfilled this December. And I'm firing up a bit of satire and irony about how a typical American interprets the December holidays.

With all due lack of respect for you Christmas (Yule) and Halloween (Samhain, Dia De La Muertos) lovers out there, my wires are happily crossed. I call him "Jason the Pirate:  Our Christmas Angel from Below." 

Our kitty, Joule Cortez thinks he makes a pretty darn good bed, too! Raggedly cloaks are much better beds than Santa outfits.

After publishing this post, I found some kindred spirit holiday decorators had decked out their porch on Telegraph with these two "elves of Christmas past." 

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