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Cake for Occupy Oakland

Knowing the Occupiers had called for cake, I headed down into the heart of my city this evening. Quiet, peaceful and enjoying a drum jam session or playing guitars, it was amazing to see the mini encampment with library, food, medical tents, etc.

Cake in hand, I looked around for someone to take my cake and found a guy who asked me if I was making a donation. I told him yes, and handed him my cake.

I asked him if he would sign my copy of Of Thee I Sing, but as I did so there were 6 shots fired...and it didn't seem real to me.

I ran and hid among the tents of the Occupiers for a few moments and then headed out of the plaza. I saw the gunman running and shooting, and people running beside him. Someone was shot, but it was on the periphery of Occupy Oakland, not from within. The noise of people converging on the scene was drowned after a few minutes by the sirens of police, fire and ambulances. Indeed, the mainstream news channels are still covering it now.

Oakland, my heart aches for you. 

What has happened to my city? Are we going to let the perpetrators of poverty and violence have stronger voices than ours in these times of change?

I knew I was taking a risk to deliver my cake on a full moon, but I do believe the Occupy movement, the We are the 99% and other online communities such as Four Years Go are all fighting to create community and mobilize some sort of tipping point for change.

They have inspired me to listen, to watch, and to show support and pay closer attention.

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