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End of Harvest: Pan de Coco

Coconut bread, Pan de Coco,  Honduras
Do you find yourself seduced by recipes that you hang onto month after month? Do you go out and buy the ingredients and then not execute on the recipe (like me)? Finally, late in this year's harvest season (Lughnasdh/Mabon...I'm finally getting around to posting it now that it's nearly Samhain), I got a chance to make this Pan de Coco recipe I found at Whole Foods.

What's neat is it's inspired by a woman named Euceria, a microcredit client of the Adelante Foundation in partnership with the Whole Planet Foundation.

We put in a new drip system to take better care of the fig and this year it's produced these gorgeous and delicious Brown Turkey Figs which pair really nicely with the coconut bread.

Ideas what to add to your version of Pan de Coco:

- Basis for bread around strawberry shortcake. Yep, not the season for that now.
- Dip the bread in a variety of things as suits your after-meal (dessert) or breakfast preferences:  Melted chocolate, lemon curd, orange jam or caramel sauce.
- Pair it with middle eastern avgolemono (that could work)

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