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Are You Parklandish?

Are you..."Parklandish?"

For the city of Oakland, this is a great word I created that fuses the well-known Oaklandish city pride/local arts vision with the International Park(ing) Day dream to create community gathering spaces, art, and urban re-visioning. PARK(ing) Day was celebrated in many cities across the world last month.

Creating community, one parking space (and day) at a time is what Park(ing) day was about. This international grassroots event is the kind of thing that could really help rally small and local businesses together to cultivate innovative use of community space and artistic expression. Maybe one day it'll be a whole week of establishing "mobile community places" where communities can come together. 

This year's Oakland's Park(ing) Day this year was sponsored by Walk Oakland, Bike Oakland (WOBO). Internationally, the event is now in its 6th year.

On Piedmont Ave. in Oakland I found this friendly group of Park(ing) day participants.

Their parklet came complete with free cupcakes as a way to draw you in.

Lead photo:  Lakeshore Ave. Parklet. 

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