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Buckle Up for Transit(ion)s

"See, I don't see it because I'm on the other side of health," my massage therapist (I'll call her "Sarah") cheerily tells me, her luscious grey curls falling down over a gorgeous turquoise scarf.

On the eve of my 40th birthday, the universe angled our parked cars right next to each other. Apparently, it was so "Sarah" could tell me that I might be experiencing "it," a Uranus transit, which happens sometime between the ages of 38-42 for most people. Get more fun facts about Uranus, the tilted planet.

Health problems, divorces, death, career changes…apparently sudden events are what Uranus transits are all about. With many years of massage and other healing arts experience, Sarah has seen some clients over the years who are going through Uranus transits and are thus treating their health problems with her capable hands. That's why she claims to have no way to see the "good transits," like having a baby or getting married, because when people feel good they are less likely get a massage.

Because of the day, I hope you'll allow me a slightly wider berth than I normally take OK? Cool.

Given my upbringing with astrology in the family mix, I cannot ignore Sarah's insight but I know more importantly that (at least in this culture) 40 is a renewed time for humor. Isn’t every birthday? Over the years, I've had a ton, rather, a "shitload" of fun deconstructing the word: Uranus. Your Anus. Mine is in Libra so apparently, I can't decide if I need to go or not.

Anyhoo, back to the next 2 minutes estimating when the transit will hit for me. Mid-June 2013 is when my shit will hit the fan, apparently. May it be a pleasant awakening; change doesn't always have to be all bad. In reflecting on my own 40 years, I tried to remember the decade-marking birthdays. Where was I on my birthday at:

Age 10- Probably in Arkansas with my grandparents; probably one of several birthday celebrations. Childhood pretty much got truncated for me at 7 so who knows or remembers clearly? Not me. Can I get a life transcription, please?

Age 20- I was a mail carrier during a typical hot, humid Boston July summer; most in-shape I've ever been, but they gave me impossible routes and then reprimanded me when I didn't deliver properly. The mandate was to finish the route in a certain amount of time, no lateness. Where are you now postal service management morons?

Age 30- Really not anything special except in my mind I was banking a lot on shaking free of the loneliness and utter romantic life failures from my 20s which were, except for the years as a bellydancer:  abysmal. 

Age 40- I’ll be right here. But where’s that exactly? The answer is:  It's complicated. It really is. And why would it be anything but complicated when it's about UrAnus?

Photo credit:  NASA/Space Telescope Science Institute. Taken from the Hubble Telescope in 2006.

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