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Solstice Portraits

Wood dragon, Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland, CA by Rachel Medanic
I am very thankful for this year's summer solstice and the many blessings of the day I enjoyed. Simple pleasures are so close to my life, family and where we live.

I am humbled. Thank you.

Above photo:  Tree dragon in Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland.
Metropolitan Brie Cheese

Brie...(with art deco packaging- yummy on several levels)
Sunflower, avocado, bread

Lemon Basil bread from Whole Foods, with avocado and a sunflower, the ultimate solstice flower.

fruit tart

Summer berries on a custard cream tart
Joaquin Miller Park Redwood trees, Oakland, CA

Magnificent redwood trees

Solstice hair:  Naturally occurring Goldilocks curls

Seraphina, our weeping birch tree does a longest day shadow dance in the wind.

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