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I grew up with astrology around the dinner table. It was talked about over meals and studied as an intellectual pursuit as part of the fabric of our lives. Astrology isn't deserving about the hatred it gets. It's not about believing or not. It is a framework through which to understand people.

If you grew up with some sort of practiced family hobby, like following or being on a sports team, or if you had any kind of "ism," growing up (all religions included here) you had a similar experience to mine. It's the culture that bi polarizes us, forcing us to think things are good or bad. In my case, it left its mark on my personal narrative.

When I was born, Mars was in the constellation of Aquarius. One of the things I grew up knowing was that I had "Mars in Aquarius." One of the texts around our house was The Astrologer's Handbook. From about age 8 on, I always enjoyed reading the following passage pertaining to my Mars in Aquarius: 

In the year 1971, Mars was in the sign Aquarius beginning on May 4 and lasting until November 6. During this period, when the planet was in a stationary position and retrograde motion, many souls came into the world who will be the spearhead of a new way of life. They will have the special abilities of Mars in Aquarius, trine to Uranus in Libra, which will produce a balance between inspired social concepts and the action necessary to implement them.

As I grew into my twenties, I always wondered:  What 'new way of life' would I and others born during this window in 1971 be the spearhead for when I grew up?

A few years ago, I engaged in some coaching work that helped me re-craft my personal narrative around career which is an important part of my identity. The coaching yielded fantastic results and I took a full-time job working in the field of online community.

I recently revisited the location where much of that coaching work took place:  the lobby of the Hyatt in San Francisco. This visit to the old familiar space was like a creativity colon blow. I began to take notes in a journal, jotting down ideas to problems I had been struggling with for months. The "self-coaching" waves began to roll in by being in this space. 

Much of the creative approach was coming around the ideas and concepts related to my work:  the wisdom of crowds, collaboration to solve problems, make money, make the world a better place and be part of a virtual "community" for change.

As a digital content creator in almost every realm- personal, professional, as a hobby, for various causes- I realize that this is the new way of life I am helping to spearhead. Because the online world is so prevalent, I'd say the passage isn't accurate to limit it to just those born during those days in 1971...but maybe I am wrong...

What are the places that inspire you and why? Were you born on or between those days in 1971? If so, do you feel as if you are spearheading a new way of life?

Photos:  Ceiling of the Hyatt with the green color balance tweaked to predominance (I heart Photoshop).
Floor, decor and elevators in the Hyatt tweaked toward a magenta predominance.

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