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Bakery Fantasy? Petit Fours in Sausalito

(Re-posted due to some sort of mysterious outage or something around May 11th; well either that or I'm totally imagining things!)

Bay Area dessert making lovers can geek out on tools, technical tips, mass production machinery and techniques by attending Dragonfly Cakes' two hour class on petit four making. They're almost as fabulous as cupcakes (I'm speaking for what I currently perceive in the U.S:  a cupcake-obsessed culture).

Dragonfly was started several years ago by a recovering marketer, Brooks Nguyen who leads a team of 6 in petit four making in a commercial kitchen in Sausalito. They produce up to 90,000 petit fours a week, sometimes more for holidays. She had energy and spunk for us...on Mother's Day weekend after the recent double whammy of that combined with a very late Easter.

As I watched the other woman of varying ages around me painstakingly pipe on color, dip in white chocolate, and carefully apply edible decor to their petit fours, I was striving for the opposite experience. Dessert shouldn't be taken so seriously, especially when your artistic side is being encouraged. The more painstakingly those around me worked, the more powerfully my sarcastic and avant garde side forced its way out!

Cast your vote in the comments on this post and tell me which crazy or whimsical petit four appeals most, or least:
#1 The Emotifours Collection:  Flirtifour.
Because we're all doomed to use the web now, we might as well start having fun.


#2 Red Marblifour (red marble pattern)

#3 Gay Pridifour (Gay pride petit four)

#4 Uprightifour 
(Because taking on the world lying down, the way all the other petit fours do, just isn't enough).
I decorated it standing on its end. A nice approach for that unique individual you love so much.

#5 Petit Fucked. Perfectly imperfect.


#6 Lucky Charmifour. It's magically delicious.

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