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Meyers Gone Wild

Fruitvale Meyer Lemons SF Bay Area
The perfume of jasmine hangs in the air. Brutal rains and wind have exfoliated our weeping birch. In a week and a half 3/4 of the mature leaf has emerged on her many hanging branches. The mockingbird is at full throttle and is answering spring with full repertoire. He carries on nearly 20 hours a day (well into the night and early morning hours).

We've been graced with lemons and oranges from our trees. Three full baskets this size got juiced into a gallon of homemade Meyer lemonade. The pomello branch seems to have given the tree a robustness that has tripled the harvest this year.

Yep, she likes to eat lemons as if they were oranges- that's a special tree.

Lots to look at so I'm giving words a rest!

Oakland rainbow

Ok, I am breaking my promise. Have you ever seen anything more gorgeous than those power lines?!! I love March in California. For a few months, it truly is like a road to the Emerald City.

Wisteria California

Plum Blossom SF Bay Area

Create Life Tagger Art, Oakland Temescal

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