A Vice for Each Year

A moment of Gemini ingenuity comes out as he glances at the dashboard of our hybrid in the rain. I have returned from a Sunday afternoon visit to the Temescal Farmer's Market in Oakland. "Is this the tribute vice pays to virtue?" he asks.

Our 4th wedding anniversary is approaching. So my gift was a box of 4 Passionfruit Thai Chili chocolates made by Vice Chocolates of Oakland.

So is this the tribute? Yes is the answer. Absolutely, yes! When you bite down it is an explosion of virtuous tangy, juicy, fruity, sweet, chocolaty, melodic, spicy and then...comes the burn, the vice! Oh the chili burn paired with the Venezuelan chocolate (my favorite area of the planet for cacao). This is amazing stuff. And Hercules thought all along that he'd chosen virtue. Ha! Not inside this box.

Vice Chocolates can be found at this year's upcoming 5th Annual International Chocolate Salon in San Francisco at Fort Mason. Vice was a gold winner in the Fall 2010 salon. We will be there for our first time, trying once again to attend our 3rd ever chocolate festival without making ourselves sick. And we'll have a little one who now loves chocolate to bring with- that should do the trick of moderation faster than anything.

Vice is really nice if you want to send chocolate your loved one will remember...