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Daughters of 1971: Call for Voices

As part of my gratitude and celebration for turning age 40 in 2011, I am taking on a new project that fits well with the final Reverb assignment for December 31st: Core story. The prompt is specifically: What central story is at the core of you, and how do you share it with the world?

As part of my journey to find that story within myself, it's time to return to my core as a journalist. I want to find (and empower) the core stories of other women born in 1971 and share them with you. I am calling this effort:
40 Women Speak on 40

Here are the details:

  • I am seeking women from all over the world to interview about their perspective on turning 40 this year. If you are or know a woman or are born between January 1, 1971 - December 31st, 1971, please reply to this post with an email to me at the address below, or have the person you know do so, so I may get in touch with you/her.
  • It does not matter if your birthday is today, next week or has already passed for me to want to speak with you.

  • I want to talk with you no matter where you are in the world and as long as you speak some English. We'll work out the details- Skype, phone, photos, what to share, etc. when we connect.

  • On my 40th birthday (that happens in July this year), I will begin to unveil my findings in whatever form they come (stories, images, your blog or Twitter feed, possibly video). I'm not entirely sure, as you might guess, where this project will lead me, but I hope it evolves into a wonderful journey for all involved.
  • Feel free to share this on Facebook or Twitter it out to your peeps, I would love that!Tag your tweets with #fortybyforty. The Twitter feed for the project is @fortybyforty.
Get in touch with me by sending email to:  rachel(AT)vampituity(dot)(com).

Don't be shy and don't worry, I'm pretty good at getting people talking about themselves!


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