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Christmas Dinner in a Foreign (Home) Land

We were traveling over the holidays to Cape Cod in Massachusetts. I call the state home, but I’d never been to the Cape in childhood years that I can recall. We had an amazingly wonderful Christmas dinner on the Cape at Harbor Point in Cummaquid, Ma. It was a gorgeous, if long-established place that was decorated to the hilt. Fireplace, lights, a homey and warm Christmas feel, a sense of history, lovely food, fresh veggies, amazing red velvet cake.

It’s just that with the warm, comforting bread they brought to the table, they served this. Nope, they didn’t serve a pacifier, I just had an unanticipated chuckle as I realized all the elements of this photo.

Am I a snotty California Foodie? I didn’t say organic butter- I just wanted…butter. The cost of the amazing Christmas dinner they served was surely something that this wouldn’t pose a problem? Maybe they were out of the fresh stuff? What do all you foodies think?
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A few other shots from our journey.

Heading into Provincetown at the western end of Cape Cod


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