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Northern California December Portraits

Here's what I found in our garden earlier this month, in addition to two more pomellos coming off the lemon (turns out it is a grafted branch). Mandarins and Meyers from our trees. And the Brown Turkey figs are still ripening, too!

It's a feast of citrus, a winterseason harvest that seems to have arrived more quickly perhaps due to all the early rains.

Because of those early rains, our trees, now finally entering fall and heading toward winter turned much more vividly than I'd ever seen. The cold we've had also added a kick to that process - a few pictures of local tree color celebrations below.

Now more than 15 years into my life on this coast, this is my approximation of our version of seasons (we have 5 instead of 4):
  • Spring: February to May/June
  • Summer: Sometimes part of August- but definitely September and October (our hottest months)
  • Fall: November to mid-December
  • Winter: Mid-December to January (with typically a spring-warmish week or two in mid-January)
  • WinterSummer (due to the cool of the fog): June, July, sometimes into August

Ginkgo splendor anyone?

When Autumn and Christmas preparations collide!
A west coast December sunset...

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