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Hard to Recognize Charities

Turtle on rock in a pond
Can you see the turtle in the pond? In this season of culturally sanctioned giving (Thanksgiving and Christmas on the way), the following entities are so much the fabric of my internet-era life, I forget they aren't for profit and that they need help. These organizations quietly exist and give me what I need to function as a time impoverished blogger. Or maybe I should say, artiste. There, now I'm not as responsible for what I share. Ha!

Consider turning your resources to help the below entities. My new favorite donor tactic is sustained monthly giving.

#1 Wikipedia. The source I most often cite in my writing.

#2 Creative Commons. When my own photography storehouses cannot suffice, I need a trouble-free place to turn to for photography and art. Shame on me for not moving some of my own Flickr international collection into Open License status (must renew Flickr Pro account first!).

#3 Soma FM. Internet radio. Because these decades since the 1970s have really just sucked for music. Not everything, not everyone! Don't get all up in arms! In the late 90s I started listening to (fled) world and middle eastern music and I haven't really looked back. Thumbs up for SomaFM's best music channels: Groove Salad, the seasonal Halloween channel, Secret Agent and best of all Suburbs of Goa!

#4 UMass Amherst Journalism Department. (Insert Your Alma Mater here). Critical thinking skills--sharpened and brought to you by--the good folks in the J. Department (no, I'm not fixing my m-dashes). From email to blog posts to the sentences desperately in need of re-working you read here (courtesy of working as a marketer for more than a decade), it's important to reach back to your roots and support the next generation. This is an economy where having a degree means nothing in terms of earning your way. The job market I graduated into also left me "earning at a loss" (not earning enough to fully support myself) until I was 27 years old.

As you look for the turtle in the picture, think of all the things in your life that support your world. Which of them deserve a gift in return for all they give you?

Image used by permission of Creative Commons. Photograph by zappowbang.

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