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Besame, Besame Mucho!

Tomatoes with a passionate kiss
Harvest has made its entrance--hand in hand with the calendar. October. Are you joking? I'm on my 9th pint of strawberries, my first 1/2 pint of figs, my 4th lb. of tomatoes and the lemon is putting off pomelos and lemons. The borage has sprung back in the garden and it's all--very exciting.

So I thought I'd share an image of a card I got from a family member years ago. It's been kept in the relationship corner of our bedroom and is as red hot as our tomatoes. And no, we're not having another kid in case you were layering on new definitions of "harvest" and "entrance" in my opening sentence.

The words in the card (received years before I met Dave in my" solitary and mostly pretty content about it for a darn long while" 20s) read:
Besame, besame mucho!

Figs and strawberries, Oakland-East Bay, California

I got a chance to redo the Mocha Brownies (this time with Dave home) for the Revels retreat. In the disclaimer, I deemed them brownies straight from Dessert Hades, a recommended item to have eaten in the event of an earthquake immediately following consumption (eat, lick fingers and then shake, rattle and roll, to be specific).

The brownies were well received, in any case. And you think we're all health nuts here in California. Butter, sugar, eggs, white flour (sometimes you have to give the almond milk, olive oil, hummus and whole wheat tortilla a break, you know?)

Mocha brownies with rosesOne of my daughter's favorite stories is Miss Spider. With the turn of the season, we've had an outbreak of these enormous beauties- all orange and brown and tiger striped in their glory. They're everywhere. Get us ready for Halloween Miss Spider!

Spider hanging in a web

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