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Dancing with Cupcakes

This is in part my "Temporary Intermission-Talk Amongst Yourselves" sign. I'm up to my ears in it being a Mother and working full time right now.

But wait!

While you're clicking off elsewhere, throw on your shoes and toddle on over to 4th Street in Berkeley to get in line for Cupkate's Cupcake truck! It's a fabulous mobile adventure into cupcakes- which seem to continue being all the rage right now (I think I recall while planning our wedding 3 years ago they were all the rage). Cupkate's keeps a nice Facebook page as to their status. They are creative treats worth going out of your way for if you're having a craving. Think lemon raspberry cupcakes or salted caramel cupcakes.

Also, this year's Chocolate Adventure Contest also seems to have a focus on cupcakes. I am attending a special preview event next month for it (hooray!). Also, stay tuned for our upcoming adventure out to Full Belly Farm (after many years of not being able to go- we're on our way!!) Yay!

Thanks for your understanding. Type at you next month :)

Today's inspiration from the truck (we didn't partake - the art of them is just sitting in their trays with the curlyfrosting tops is just dandy all by itself):

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