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Precautions (Tricep) Shaken, Not Stirred

This was recreated by our friends. It's called a "Useless Precaution," and is an original drink on the menu at Marzano, which I mentioned in my 72 Hours in Oakland, Calif. post some months back. Marzano now has a College Ave. location as well as the one on Park Blvd. A fancy pizza place for sure, but also a great destination for mixed drink lovers too.

I'm not much of a drinker, but this photograph (taken with a Samsung cell phone no less!) certainly was worth sharing more widely. It's just a palm tree in the drink being reflected- otherwise the surface is just barely being breached by a tiny piece of ice.

Here are the ingredients for a Useless Precaution (you can figure out the proportions yourself):

Regan's Orange Bitter



Be sure when mixing the drink to engage an overhead mixed drink shake that starts behind the head to get a good "tricep shake" all the way through the arc downward to the waist. Long strokes up and down are the tongue in cheek method that comes recommended to make this drink. Or is that just a useless precaution and you can shake it however you want to? ;^P

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