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Tiny Inspirations

What in life gives you renewal and inspiration to turn over the daily leaf and find something amazing in each day? Looking back on a year of intense, amazing change in life, I've come up with a few here:

Distant portrait of the single chick bedroom: Not only do I now have to carefully engineer a photo like this (with clutter that isn't mine apparent), but rarely does the bed ever get made or is it ever toy free. I couldn't see my future of being a mother clearly when I was in my 20s, but when I was single I would actively treasure the serenity of a pretty, restful bedroom knowing that one day, it would be gone. Joyfully and yet a little wistful, I know now I was right.

Fresh flowers: Divine.

The Occasional Waiter. Someone to take my olive pits while we're at a dinner gathering because I can't reach and have a child filling my arms and skewing my sense of balance. That's love.

Pinocchio Noses! Those little things that grow on Maple trees.

Coach-types who are about empowering you. Britt Bravo's "Big Vision Goals" downloadable worksheets that she publishes in her Have Fun, Do Good Blog. They remind you to keep your eye on your personal prize and reflect on where your day-to-day is taking you (are we in a hand basket or perhaps on a Magic Carpet Ride?) :P

Share yours or link to where you've blogged or written about them in the comments on this post- it sure would be super to create a world wide ring of inspirations!

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