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The Independent Latte

There is something wonderful, like aligned stars or meeting a romantic interest, when you stumble upon a coffee house that is that perfect harmony of ambiance, delicious food, wonderful coffee, local art, engaging but not distracting music, diverse, watchable clientele and comfort. I recently discovered the greater Seattle, WA area's such jewel: Caffe Ladro.

They have 13 stores in the area and on several visits, they had varied and wonderful latte art to share with me in my coffee.

They were also selling a sweet and simple illustrated children's book about two cats- Sam and Coco. These main character cats, were near carbon copies of my cat Joule and her preferred arch-rival, the neighbors' cat Cocoa.
I have found my bliss in this independent coffee chain, thriving by serving fair trade coffee in the artisan coffee mecca that Seattle is.

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