The 1920s Roar Into West Oakland

Always fun. Always in summer. Our annual hometown Burning Man here in Oakland. I am ever grateful for the art and fun that comes with the Crucible's annual fire events.

This year the theme was the Roaring 20s so many flappers showed up in their very best and some of the men even looked swanky too (thanks for puttin' on the Ritz, guys!).

Top: Jazz and blues vocalist Kim Nally.

Here are some salvaged photos (it was dark in there, except for all the FIRE) from Heat: A Fire Cabaret. Here is the page from Crucible events past- there was no official fire festival this year.

Below: An awesome, awesome aerialist and Flamenco dancer, Rose Nisker. Here she is in the air and then on the stage.

The period cars were a nice touch.

The event was a nice blend that included fire dancing, fire hula, faint scents of Steampunk, belly dance, mime, aerialist art, pole dancing, hints of Vaudeville and cabaret blended with the traditional metalsmith/fire oriented performance art with a few gentle Goth undertones (mostly from the attendees). As always, lots to look at among the performers and attendees. A male engineers paradise, perhaps?

This male fire spirit (sprite?) seemed to find me a bit too combustible. Sand on your flames, baby, I'm a Mom now!


  1. I now know why you've got no hits from China. is blocked by the great firewall.


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